What is an Operations Manual

An Operations Manual will mean different things to different organisations, but it will  all have an impact on your operation.  Your Operations Manual must suit your business.  At Aviation Manuals Australia we ask you to get involved in the writing of the Operations Manual to ensure that it is fit for purpose.

So what does it all mean


To the ATSB

Your Insurance Company

    It is the document that shows how you intend to comply with the current legislation.

    It is used during an audit to confirm that you doing what you say you are doing.  If not you will issued an Non Conformance Notice (NCN).

    If you have an accident or incident that they investigate, the ATSB will check to see that you were operating IAW your manual. 

    The ATSB will not apportion blame but may highlight deficiencies in your manual as a contributing factor.

    If you have an accident or incident and you are not operating in accordance with your Operations Manual, they may decline your insurance

Aviation Manuals Australia can provide you with tailored service to ensure that your documentation remains compliant with the changing Regulatory environment.  The base document to any operation is the Company Operations manual.

Our services include:

AOC Operations Manual

Our manuals comply with the guidance of CAAP 215-1(2), or can be tailored as required.

Aviation Manuals Australia can style your manual to:

 1. ICAO Annex 6;

 2. EU OPS; or

 3. FAA Part 135. 

Manual Operations Manual Layout

Manuals complied to CAAP 215-1(2) format will have the following common sections:

Volume 1 - Policies and Procedures Volume 2 - Aircraft Operations
Manual Administration - Record Keeping.
Company Structure - Key Personnel, Facilities.                                 
Operational Personnel - Duties & Responsibilities, DAMP.                 
Safety Management - SMS, Accident/Incident Procedures.                
Dangerous Goods

Flight Authorisation & Prohibitions.
Standard Operating Procedures.
Flight Conduct.
Emergency Procedures
Aerial Work Applications - Contained in a Special Volume
Aircraft Airworthiness Administration
Volume 3 - Aerodromes & Routes Volume 2A - Specific Aircraft Operations   
Airspace, Routes & Aerodrome
Operations at ALA/HLS
Operations in different Classes of Airspace

Specific Procedures for each type operated.
Normal & Emergency Checklist.
Volume 4 - Training & Checking Volume 5 - Specialised Operations
Functions & Structure
Training Programs

Detailed information for Aerial Work operations
e.g. Firefighting, Aerial Application, External Load.
Volume 6 - Fatigue Management System
Incorporating CAO 48.1 Instrument 2013
Tailored for each Appendix of Operation.